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Play REVERSI: a classic turn-based board game that blends strategy, logic, and FUN.

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“A Minute to Learn… A Lifetime to Master”

– FIRST FOUR MOVES: Players take turns placing a black or white disk in the four central squares on
the game board.
– GAME PLAY: Players take turns placing colored disks to surround and flip over their opponent’s dis
– EXAMPLE : First player places their black disk next to opponent’s white disk. Once two black disks
surround the white disk, the captured white disk is flipped over and becomes black.
– CAPTURING: Players can capture and flip over numerous disks, as long as they have a disk on either
side in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction.
– NO VALID MOVES? Player loses their turn.
– END GAME: Once the board is full, or no valid moves remain, the game ends.

OBJECTIVE: The player with the most disks on the board when the last disk is placed wins the game.

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