Four In A Row Game

Four In A Row

FOUR IN A ROW looks simple enough. But don’t let the sunny graphics and background of green pastures, flowers, and rainbows fool you!

Challenge your brain in this deceptively simple game for Android. FOUR IN A ROW is reminiscent of the once popular – now retro – 1970s game Connect Four. Play against friends, artificial intelligence, or conquer the world one player at a time.

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Blackjack Casino Card Game

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… except this Blackjack App!


Download the casino experience with our free blackjack app on your Android phone or tablet. You’re always a VIP at our blackjack table. As Internet connection is not required, our cards are ready to deal faster than you can say, “hit me!”

Our blackjack game offers the sights, sounds, and thrills of the casino all for FREE. With our lush graphics and sleek game design, you’ll feel like the blackjack table is your throne. Best of all? You can enjoy the gambling adventure of a high roller without betting a dime. Receive FREE CHIPS hourly and exciting bonuses daily!

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Bonus Slots Game Available Now

Why go to Vegas when the THRILLS and CASINO ACTION can come to you?


Think fate is on your side? SPIN and WIN with this exciting SLOTS APP. Enjoy BONUS GAMES and FREE SPINS, not to mention remarkable THEMES and ACHIEVMENTS.

Feeling lucky? You ARE lucky, by finding this latest and greatest BONUS SLOTS APP.

– Play BONUS SLOTS offline – No Internet required.
– Gamers praise our GRAPHICS and ARTISTIC THEMES.
– PICK-UP and PLAY. No learning curve!
– Outrank other players on the LEADERBOARD.
– Earn ACHIEVEMENTS – Free SPINS & bonus games
– NO WAITING while slot themes download!
– Slots load FAST – no delays, all you do is PLAY & WIN!
– Like to bet small? 20 PAYLINES are ALWAYS ACTIVE!
– Free coins every 2 hours!

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Crazy Eights Card Game Released

Check out the new Android card game released today : Crazy Eights.


The game is available on Google Play, Amazon and OUYA. Other markets will follow shortly. Crazy Eights is suited for phones or tablets, no internet connection required to play.

In case you don’t know how to play the game :

  • Choose from two or four players (CPU play).
  • Each player is dealt 8 cards.
  • The remaining cards are placed face down on the gaming table. This is the “stockpile.”
  • One card is revealed face-up and game play begins!
  • Shed your cards, matching the rank or suit of the revealed card…
  • …if you CANNOT discard a card during your turn, then draw a card from the stockpile.

Crazy Eights

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